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A privacy policy is a kind of statement which involves a number of legalities and many legal documents that are used to disclose some or many of the ways a party or a second or a third party gathers, uses, manages or discloses a client’s or customer’s data.

The Home Glimmer will firstly and always put forward the care of your personal information with our advanced and latest security measures, you will be trusting out the site more when you will know that we know how to handle all your information with care.

Your choices and rights will be put forward before us at all times. People usually ask how do the changes to this privacy policy communicated? We know that understanding privacy policy can be very difficult at times, but you here, reading this and understanding this will be a piece of cake.

So, the answer is that we update this section of the website according to the rules and laws which are followed internationally by all kinds of businesses. And if we are about to make any kind of changes, we inform the customers 30 days before we actually update the website via email.

If you are unsure what the changes will be and it will make you vulnerable, you can wish to stop using our service and after the site is updated and if you are okay with the latest policies, you can continue the service with us.

People also ask what kind of information we will be needing from you? Well, the information that is required by you depends on the context. We would like you to know that when you sign up, you sign up for getting updates of our emails, deals, discounts, coupons, newsletters and other means of communications.

To get updates of all of these, you will need to provide us your; name and email. The home address and phone number are optional. Before you sign up, we will ask you to read everything about the Terms of Use and check the button below.

But in any situation or due to any circumstances, if the law asks us to remove, take down or edit your personal information, we will have to follow the given orders. If you want to display your personal information, we will ask you by checking the button which will say that we have your consent and you have read all the privacy policy.

We would like you to know that just like every other service, our service also uses tracking tools and technologies which include; cookies, tags, scripts web beacons and software development kit. This kind of technology helps us to see where the traffic is coming from.

Our tracking system considers some attributes which brings you to our website, these are; your MAC address, screen resolution, device type, computer type, location, IP address, operating system version and name, device model and manufacturer, browser and its language, internet service provider name, URLs, ads identifiers and other usage information.

If your computer or you do not accept our cookies (tracking tools and technologies), you will not be able to see specific areas of the websites. People also ask, what do we do with the provided information? We use it to give you service like; first making the service available to you, providing customer services, letting you send reviews and complaints, sending newsletters, respond to your queries and accept and ponder to your suggestions.

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